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At Truck Trailer Mobile Service Inc., we invest in our technicians, both in and outside of the shop. Your sucsess is a key to our success.


Truck Trailer Mobile Service Inc.’s core values align with those of the military, making it a great home for veterans. Our advancement opportunities allow for professional growth, meaning you will have opportunities to show both your teamwork and leadership skills.

Shop opportunities are endless

Truck Trailer Mobile Service Inc. invests in our maintenance team and creates a culture that fosters career growth. We want you to be as excited about your career path as much as we are! Check out our  maintenance opportunities below and join the Diesel Technician team today.

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What the entrepreneurship definition doesn’t tell you is that entrepreneurship is what people do to take their career and dreams into their hands and lead it in the direction they want. At Truck Trailer Mobile Service Inc. We provide high pay and the opportunity to be your own boss!


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Truck Trailer Mobile Service Inc. offers a wide range of diesel technician opportunities in our  shop. Work with a proven company that takes your safety and career growth seriously.


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Fast Hiring Process

At Truck Trailer Mobile Serice Inc., we know talent when we see it!   We are not forcing applicants to continually return for interviews and wait patiently for feedback. Our management team is decisive with our hiring process which differentiates us from competitors and improve your hiring experience.


Take care of what matters most with a comprehensive pay and benefits package! We’ve refined best practices over 24 years that give you work-life balance and still keep thousands of pieces of equipment running smoothly.


We care about our technician’s safety and show it by demanding solid safety practices of all our technician’s and managers. Pride, safety, training, growth, opportunity, great benefits, rewards – check us out, we may be the company for you.

Local & Remote

We offer positions for shop work here in West Sacramento or if you work on our mobile services team you will go to our customers.

27+ Years of Experience

Avantages of working at Truck Trailer

  • Mobile Services Inc.
  • Personable Environment
  • Varied Workdays
    Skills Development
  • Greater Involvement in Key Decisions
  • Understanding Your Role in the Business
  • Collaboration and Teamwork.
  • Increased Recognition
  • Mentoring and Learning Opportunities

Flexible Work Schedule

Truck Trailer Mobile Service Inc., is a family friendly business that offer schedules that provide:

  • Flexibility to better meet family and personal needs.
  • Reduced commuting time and gas expenses.
  • Have more control over your time schedule and working environment.
  • Can work during the hours that fit your energy cycles best.